Top 6 Best Places to Get Website Hosting And Domain Name

In the recent perspective of digitalization in every sphere and industry, the significance of a website hosting and domain is quite relevant. No matter what kind of a website it is, a proper domain name, as well as a hosting platform, is very important. That is the reason why website owners are willing to get the best domain names and website hosting for their business.

In fact, you would find a variety of service providers who are offering free website hosting and domain names to the clients without any kinds of hassles. You would receive all kinds of different facilities and varied features but there would be no need for any payments or extra documentation.

Now in order to avail such amazing offers on your choice of website hosting and domain name, you first need to analyze the sites that provide such services. There is a wide range of free hosting websites and domain names; you just have to pick out the most suitable one for your business and purpose. So to help you in making your selection here is a complete list of best free hosting sites that you can opt for? Check out each and every option carefully and then go ahead with your choice.

Buy web hosting and domain


This particular hosting site offers a variety of features to the users absolutely free of cost. It also has the facility of creating customized packages for better speed, performance, and security. The main highlight of this site is that tends to keep your priorities before the pricing structure.

It mainly includes the free Cloudflare content delivery network, multiple SSD Speed boost formula and the 24*7 support of Guru Crew. The Company manages to promise a 99.9% uptime along with a constant network monitoring opportunity and the virus scanning package. Being one of the first companies to offer the SSD hosting features, it manages to provide the best speed for standard hosts.

  • Unlimited SSD
  • New or Transfer of Domain Name
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Unlimited domains, databases, and email addresses
  • Free Cloudflare CDN and speed boost

2. (Free Domain)

Hostinger is a popular name in the market which offers various features and opportunities to all its users. It goes ahead of its path to extend its routine with a huge number of databases, websites, sub domains, parked domains, and FTP users. Along with the free hosting and domain name, there are various premium packages for business where users get to access unlimited power of computing, free registration of domain name and free backups.

The performance of this hosting site is clearly unmatched as it provides all the facilities necessary to acquire and run a proper business website. People are in awe of this company as it prefers not to compromise its functionality and performance just to be more appealing in the industry.

  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 10 GB unlimited disk space
  • 1-year free domain name
  • Free daily and weekly backups
  • Almost everything unlimited – Ranging from Bandwidth to databases
  • Free WordPress performance upgradation and site builder


In case you are looking forward to a reasonable host for your website, Bluehost is known to have a good reputation in the industry. The company has a low-cost structure that is coupled with the supremacy of a shared hosting platform. This is what makes the subsequent company, a perfect deal provider.

This specific brand in the market has a commendable name for its performance, amazing hardware configurations, great reliability and support along with a list of ‘extras’. And the best part is you would get all the above-mentioned features at a cost much lesser than the other competitors in the market.

Bluehost had the capability of offering unlimited features that include emails, storage, bandwidth, and many other benefits. In fact, it also includes a free domain and various marketing credits to make sure that your site becomes popular and contains a significant value altogether.

  • 50 GB unlimited disk space
  • 1-year free domain name
  • Excellent performance at low cost
  • Free Weebly ‘site builder’
  • 30 days money back guarantee

4. (Free & Paid)

Known to be a strong and effective browser-based website builder, the latest comes out as a supreme choice in the field of free hosting sites and domain name. In order to procure a simple yet efficient host that has the ‘drag and drop interface’ for the development of basic sites, is the one you should choose.

It tends to offer all the basic features that deal with the creation of a website and purchase of a proper domain name. You would also get significant support from the team without fail. It’s easy to use the platform and prevalent setup time is the best features according to most of the users. There are a variety of templates that are categorized under different subheads which prove to be really helpful for the first time site users.

  • 500 MB – 20 GB disk space
  • Transfer domain name
  • Free signup with the use of email or Facebook
  • Drag and Drop interface for easy use


One of the most popular and widely used free hosting site and the domain name is the WordPress platform that provides a host of useful features. The significant open-source upgraded version of the ‘content management’ asks the site owners to buy and configure a particular web hosting structure. But the WordPress reduces all kinds of hassles by deliberately pairing up the popular interface with a number of online support and storage.

You would get the facility to access hundreds of customization options and themes to choose your best ones from. All the WordPress users would receive an amazing platform to enhance their online presence without spending a bomb on it. Even at a free level, the platform of WordPress manages to allow the users a commendable amount of storage space.

  • 3 GB bandwidth
  • com subdomain
  • 3GB storage
  • Free email signup
  • A huge number of mobile-friendly customizations and themes to choose from


This particular free website builder is quite famous among the users as they are in love with all the features offered by the There are various kinds of templates which portray the polished and modern side of the free domain field. Due to its low-cost structure, there are various users who avail the Weebly software at low cost which adds particular value to all the offerings.

If you are willing to opt for a feature-rich free hosting website that would help you to enhance the performance of your website, then is something that you must try.  It is definitely a great option for all the first time website users or the ones who are in absolute hurry to procure a sire online instantly.

  • 500 MB unlimited disk space
  • All in one hosting site
  • Drag and drop website builder interface
  • Easy to build blogs, online store, personal site, and business portfolio
  • Free designing solutions

Once you go through all the different options available for you, there is a specific need for analyzing all your requirements.  It is quite necessary for you to understand your budget and different aspects of your business before investing on the website hosting and domain name.  A free hosting and domain name platform would always provide you with a huge list of features and facilities that would enhance the performance of the business.

But in case you are not in a hurry and you get more features in a paid package, you must try that out at least once.  In order to get a free domain name and start a new venture, the site owners should have a clear idea of all the different companies that offer the services without fail. As soon as they get all the important details and information of all the companies, it is recommended that they avail the free hosting and domain name facilities for the upgrade of their business in the subsequent market.

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