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Looking up for a SEO agency in Bangalore? Or probably someone who can do search engine optimization for your online business. SEO Ranker Group is a full-time digital marketing agency with 5+ years of experience in the industry. We have expertise in SEO and have an excellent customer satisfaction record. We strive to work for our clients to make sure they hit the top positions on different search engines.

Are you listed for keywords related to your business on Google?

If not, then you’re losing a lot of potential customers that you can get for free from Google. No matter how small your business is, With Google Assistant people go for every kind of business queries. Your absence on the Internet can benefit your competitors who are already sitting on the top of search engines.

Don’t worry, It’s never too late. We at SEO Ranker Group have an amazing team of digital marketers, SEO experts & business analysts who can make you on the top of the search engines in your business niche. With years of experience in this industry, We have acquired an in-depth knowledge of search engines and customer Psychology. This helps us analyze and grow your business online by driving organic traffic to your business. We follow work ethics and use only White Hat SEO techniques to rank your website higher in search engines. So, You can stay at the top of search engines for a long time.

We use content marketing to drive traffic and customers to your business. We also have a dedicated team of content writers & link building experts who can bring great results and ROI on your business. This is the reason, SEO Ranker Group is considered as the best SEO company in Bangalore. We have worked with more than 100+ clients and have helped them achieve top positions in Google search engine ranking pages.

Importance Of SEO

SEO is really important for your business and if you’re ignoring SEO then you might face a lot of problems in the upcoming years. In this Digital Era, The first place people go for searching out something is the search engines. Generally, They go on Google to find out products and services. You need to have a solid web presence, especially in the search engines for all the relevant keywords related to your business/product or service.

A study reveals that more than 94% of users go for a review online or search on Google before buying anything. With more than 5.6 billion searches per day, Google becomes the best place to get quality traffic & customers without spending on advertisements. Once you’re ranked on the keywords, You will start getting organic traffic from the search results page.

So You’re having a business website and you think customers are going to search for your website and land on your business page? It doesn’t go that way, According to Google, You need to be in the top 3 positions for the keywords related to your business to start getting customers. 

#1 Rank is the best place because 65% of people go on the websites which are ranking on the top. Even a Zero position is introduced by Google for search results. You can rank on the top by the techniques which are termed as Search Engine Optimization( SEO ). Not only Google, but SEO is also helpful for improving the user experience, content quality & web presence of your business in other search engines too.

google zero position

Search engines have their own algorithms on which they compare and rank websites according to their relevance score related to the desired keyword. With over 200+ ranking factors, It’s a little complex to get your business on the top of Google results page.

How SEO Ranker Group Can Help You Achieve Your Business Objectives?

SEO Ranker Group is the best SEO agency in Bangalore and we can help you achieve amazing business results. We have a dedicated team of SEO experts and they are really good at SEO. Most of our experts have a lot of experience in the field of SEO and can help you grow your online business organically. We can help you by:

  • Increasing Traffic On Your Business Website
  • Improving User Experience & Rate Of Conversions
  • Help You In Acquiring New Leads
  • Reducing The Cost Of Acquisition
  • Building Brand Awareness & Visibility

Why Should You Choose Us?

There are plenty of reasons for choosing us for your business growth on Google. Still, We wish to count our achievements that we’re proud of as a digital marketing agency in Bangalore. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us among the other SEO services in Bangalore.

We are considered as the best agency to provide SEO services in Bangalore and We think this can be a reason for you to choose us. As everybody wants the best service for their business objectives and We are really passionate about our work and clients.

1. Dedicated Team

SEO Ranker Group has an excellent team of SEO experts and SEO analysts who can grow your business on Google within 90-150 days. We strive to provide our customers with our excellent work ethics and techniques. 

2. Growth Monitoring & Report Generation

We believe that SEO is a continuous process and hence it should be monitored accurately. Our team keeps a record of your business from day 1 until the project is completed. You will also get regular reports on the progress of the project and you’ll see the growth in the daily traffic on your business website.

3. Affordability & Accountability

We believe in customer satisfaction and partner in growth. i.e by helping you grow your business, we will also grow our own business. This is the reason we are highly accountable and affordable for your business. If you have a small business then feel free to contact us. We can help you grow your small business into an online empire.

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