60+ High DA SEO Guest Posting Websites

Guest posting is a way to achieve faster keyword rankings, get the brand to as many people as possible, and enhance SEO. So here we are going to tell about some high DA guest posting websites where one can submit a business article. All these websites are such on which global recognition business will be found and many of these guest post websites accept content for free.

Website’s Domain Rating, Domain Authority, Keyword Ranking can be improved through High Authority Guest Blogging Sites. With this, if the brand has to be boosted on the Internet, then posting a guest blog is a good way for this.

In this blog, we are going to share niche wise guest post opportunities which you can use to become a guest blogger at no cost.

Top Guest Blogging Sites


Newsmax is an American news website. Here technology, business, book, science and politics related articles are posted. If you want to make a guest post on this website, then you have to pay for it i.e. paid guest post is done here. But its benefit is that your business will come in American News and you can use it in your portfolio.


MenaFN is a business and finance news blog with guest blogs available. Its domain authority is 50+ and paid guest posting is also available here. So in such a situation, if you want to show the business in India and Asia, then this will be a better website for you.


Outbrain is a web advertising platform that displays boxes of links to pages within websites.  Guest posts related to business, technology, finance and marketing can be posted here. This is a top ranking website that gives a chance to post guest blogs for free, but the content quality should be very good to post on Outbrain, only then these people accept the blog.


HubSpot is an American developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. This is a high DA website that accepts quality guest content. Guest posting can be done for free on Hubspot, in which content related to technology, business, marketing, and product is published. But the content quality should be very good and the examples taken should be real proof.


Mashable is a technology blog where content related to technology, software and business is published. Here guest blog can be published both in paid and free way. If you want to increase the installation of your software, app and want to target international customers simultaneously, then this website is right for you.


Entrepreneur magazine is the premier source for everything small business. Free guest posting is also done here. Any blogger can publish content here which is business, finance, software and technology. Entrepreneur has high DA website which accepts only good quality content in which information has been given in detail.

60+ Guest Posting Sites List

Guest blog posting is simply writing blogs and articles for other sites. There are several websites that need content relevant to their sites. Free guest posting sites allow backlinks in the bio of the author to make sure the blogger can take advantage of the traffic that the blog posting site entices.

What is mentioned above are all top guest blogging websites. Along with this, there are many other websites which have good domain authority and ranking. You can also post your content here.

https://teachable.com/ DA 81
https://pitchengine.com/ DA 64
https://www.thedenimkit.com/ DA 60
thewowstyle.com DA 45
https://www.seomafiya.com/ DA 55
https://www.freifunk-gera-greiz.de/ DA 33
https://radio-channel10.de/ DA 33
http://irene.tmf-ev.de/ DA 35
https://service.artland.de/ DA 34
mentalitch.com DA 50
https://criticsrant.com/ DA 49
https://portfolium.com/ DA 50
https://skeptikai.com/ DA 42
https://mrpopculture.com/ DA 40
https://thecitydark.com/ DA 40
https://wildlifesafari.info/ DA 39
https://hannaone.com/ DA 35
https://didyouknowfashion.com/ DA 28
https://theqtimes.com/ DA 35
https://whatsag.com/ DA 29
https://saasmetrics.co/ DA 30
https://didyouknowscience.com/ DA 29
https://www.newyorkspaces.com/ DA 29
https://tastyfoodsnacks.com/ DA 30
https://www.herebeanswers.com/ DA 29

The above list of websites for guest blogging has been created after verifying all the pages and websites that accept guest posts for free. The metrics mentioned for all the websites are correct up to an approximation and tools like Moz, Ahrefs and Alexa have been used to study their data and traffic details.

How to Find Guest Posting Sites?

If you are looking for guest posting website according to any one topic. So for this Google has an indexing technique by which the search engine can find a list of websites that accept guest posts according to your topic.

For example, if you want to make a food related guest post, then you search on the search engine write for us “food”, you will find all those websites on SERPs which only accept guest posts related to food.

search guest posting Website

You can search the guest post site for more similar topics.

Write for us “SEO”

Write for us “business”

Write for us “software”

Write for us “finance”

Friends, hope you have liked this information and you have got information about all the best guest posting sites here, if you want to hire SEO expert for backlink building then SEO Ranker Group is the best place and you have any question or If you have any suggestion, you can inform us about it in the comment.

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