How to Make a Blog and Earn Money from 2022?

The best and easiest way to earn or make money from a blog is Google Adsense and it is used to approve Blog & YouTube channels only. In such a situation if you have content writing ideas and you want to reach out to the people of the whole world through blogs. Then definitely a question is arising in your mind about how to create a blog that will make money for me. Then, don’t worry, here is an easy & quick guide for you to learn about how to create a professional blog in 10 minutes.

By the way, a completely free blog can also be created with a subdomain ( & But creating a blog on subdomain is best for personal use. So if you want both revenue & reputation from the blog, then definitely you will need a professional looking blog. So here are tips to create a professional blog in 2022 which will easily monetize with the CPC network.

Create a blog make money

01  What do you need to create a blog in 2022 ?

  • 1 Which topic to choose for blogging before creating a blog ?
  • 2 Best Topics For New Blog
  • 3 How to choose the best Domain and Blog name ?

02  How to make a blog in 2022 ?

  • 1  [ Step 01 ]  How to buy a domain and from where ?
  • 2 [ Step 02 ]  How to buy a hosting and from where ?
  • 3 [ Step 03 ]  How to set up a WordPress Blog ?

03   How to add a theme to the new Blog 

01  What do you need to create a blog in 2022 ?

Many people search on google ” How to make a blog ?” And they easily got an answer and they also create a blog. But still their blog can’t perform well neither they make any revenue or money. There are lots of competition in many popular topics like news, tech, entertainment, fitness, health, cooking, etc. That is why,  we will first try to figure out which topic will be best for us in 2022.

1.1  Which topic to choose for blogging before creating a blog ?

The idea or motivation of creating a blog comes to most people by looking at other blogs on the internet and their monthly earning reports. In such a situation, on whichever topic others are blogging, most people copy their topics and ideas, and they think that they will be popular in the same field.

But maybe you do not know that 90% of such bloggers fail and immediately lose patience in blogging, who make a blog just by looking at others income and their topics. So if you want to create a blog in 2022 that can generate organic traffic and help you to make more money.

So, you will have to look into these tips for Best Blogging Topic.

  • Every person has an interest in doing some work such as watching movies, listening & writing songs, cooking or eating, travelling, playing games, running computer, doing business, doing job, reading books or whatever you like, choose that topic for your blog. Example – If you like to play games, then you should choose the topic related to gaming for your blog.
  • The biggest advantage of choosing the topic you like is that you will not get bored from blogging. You don’t have to think much about topic research. Also it does not let you feel like you are doing a task. You will be enjoying your interest in work.

1.2  Best Topics For New Blog

Nowadays these are the most trending topics for blogging. If you like any of the given below, then let me know in the comment section.

Here are 50 Best Topics For New Blog

  1. Business software review & tips
  2. Real estate
  3. Automobile
  4. B2B sales and marketing
  5. Business case studies
  6. Business trends
  7. Internet and Telecom
  8. Business Updates
  9. Funding and startup
  10. Business and industrial
  11. Mobile review and tips
  12. Laptop review and tips
  13. Home appliances
  14. Book review
  15. Travel blog
  16. App review and tips
  17. Stock marketing and trading
  18. Gifs and memes
  19. Biography
  20. Pet food niche
  21. WordPress plugins
  22. Weight loss
  23. Makeup
  24. Baby products
  25. Electronics products
  26. Parenting
  27. Home decor
  28. Personal finance
  29. Recipes
  30. Yoga and Fitness
  31. Online communities
  32. Movie Review
  33. How to Guides
  34. Tech tips and tricks
  35. Coding and tutorials
  36. Games
  37. Sports news
  38. Politics news
  39. Tech news
  40. Business news
  41. Entertainment news
  42. Education news
  43. Local news
  44. Science news
  45. New year
  46. Maha shivratri
  47. Holi
  48. Republic and Independence day
  49. Black Friday
  50. Diwali

1.3  How to choose the best Domain and Blog name ?

After choosing the interesting and best topic, we have another problem that how to choose the best domain and blog name? To find the blog name, we take the suggestions from people and also use lots of Blog Name Generator Tools websites.  After doing all these, if you still couldn’t find the best one.

Here are some tips for you to choose the right and best name for your blog.

  • Always keep the domain name or blog name short, simple and easy. so that it can be easily pronounced and remembered just by speaking it once.
  • Try to keep the main Blog keyword in the domain URL.
  • If you are targeting the audience of a specific area, language, then definitely mention it.
  • Do not use any special character in the domain URL.
  • Example – If you have selected the topic “Games” for your blogging, then try to name your domain like

If you have decided the blog topic and blog name then you are ready to move on to the next section on how to create a blog. Let’s dive deep into it.

02  How to make a blog in 2022 ?

In the video mentioned below, I had told all the necessary steps to create a blog. After watching this video, I claim that you will never search the question “how to make a blog”. Because in this video, blogging is explained in a very easy way that even beginners can get all the points easily.

If you have kept all the tips mentioned above in the video, then you are ready with a complete blog plan. Now you just need to make it live or online. For that just follow the guides given below step by step to set up your blog. Then you will be ready to make a blog on the most popular content management system (CMS) tool, WordPress.

2.1   [ Step 01 ] How to buy a domain and from where ?

Personal websites can be created with a free subdomain like or But to create a blog which is based on WordPress CMS then it requires a custom domain name like,, etc. For this you have to buy the custom domain name for professional use. Lets see how and from where we can buy a custom domain name.

To create a blog on WordPress, we need both hosting and domain. Hosting will help your website or blog to host and domain will provide the domain name for your website. You can buy domain and hosting at single places. But generally we don’t do so because of high charges or fees. So here we are going to buy domain name and hosting separately. You will learn to buy hosting in the next section. Here you are going to learn about how to buy domain name.

You can buy your Domain Name from domain name providers like GoDaddy or any others providers. Here we chose GoDaddy for buying a domain name.

First of all, you have to go to the official website of GoDaddy or any other domain name providers. Then you  have to create an account on their official website. For creating an account you will need Phone Number, Gmail or any other mail Id  and you have to provide some personal information like your address & name etc

After creating an account, now login with your password and email id.  Then search the domain name that you have planned according to the tips mentioned above. Now select your domain name with an extension like .com, .net, .in and .org  etc. After selecting your domain name with desired extension, now add it to the cart and buy that domain name. So this was all about buying domain names.

2.2  [ Step 02 ] How to buy a hosting and from where ?

We can buy domain and hosting from the same place  as we mentioned above in STEP 01. We can also buy separate hosting like separate domains. There are two to three best hosting providers in India.

  • Hostinger

Buying Blog Hosting from Hostinger –


Better hosting is needed to create a new blog, but if we are new then we also have to take care of the budget. In such a situation, if you want budget WordPress blog hosting, then Hostinger is best for you.

Currently Hostinger India is providing WordPress shared hosting  at Rs 79 per month to Rs 249 per month for beginner to high level websites. You can take advantage of this offer immediately by just clicking here and buying hosting from Hostinger India.

Buying Blog Hosting from Hostinger-

Hostinger WordPress hosting is very famous in India and it is one of the largest hosting companies in the world. This is a reputed organization for hosting a new blog. You can simply login to and can buy WordPress website hosting from Rs 249/month.

Some steps to keep in mind at time to buying hosting –

  • First go to the hosting website.
  • Select Hosting, we will choose WordPress Hosting because we are creating a WordPress Blog.
  • Now select a plan according to the budget and requirement.
  • Go to the next step by clicking on the checkout button.
  • After setting email, name and password, click on Create Account.
  • Then, Pay the required amount
  • Now, You have bought a hosting.

2.3  [ Step 03 ]  How to set up a WordPress Blog ?

We have learned to create a new blog, we have bought a domain,  we have bought hosting. Now there is a need to connect these domains and hosting together and to give the appearance of a blog.  For this you need to follow the blog  quick  setup guide. Then your blog will go live on the internet.

If you buy hosting and domain from your same place, then WordPress can be set up by going to its direct cPanel.  But if domain and hosting are taken from two different providers, then there is a need to add these domains and hosting together.

When we  buy hosting, we get two Nameservers which look something like this.

Both of these are pre existing nameservers given at  the time of buying the domain. Now, You will have to add the nameservers given by the hosting in place of the pre-existing nameservers.

After doing this, we have to go to the hosting cPanel and then install the WordPress CMS Application.

After installing the WordPress, you have to open the browser and search wp-admin with your URL like Then do all the processes mentioned below step by step. These all are advanced settings in WordPress. After that you can log in WordPress with UserName and Password.

Advanced Options Settings

  • Database Name – Leave this option as default.
  • Table Prefix – Let this option also remain the default.
  • Disable Update Notifications – You keep getting notified of blog updates, so leave it unelectable.
  • Auto Upgrade – Let Auto upgrade also remain the defaulter.
  • Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins – Always update the plugins manually, so don’t even tick it.
  • Auto Upgrade WordPress Themes – It is better to manually update WordPress themes too, so do not select it too.
  • Automated Backups – Select on this option, Select Once a Day or Once a Week so that the blog is backed up.
  • Backup Rotation – Leave this also the default.
  • Email Installation Details – Add your email address in this so that you will get the message of the username and password you have generated while creating the blog.

03   How to add a theme to the new Blog ?

By the way, our blog has been set up only after completing the previous step and we can start publishing content if we want. But when you open a blog by entering the name of your domain on the internet, then you might not like a blog without a theme. So here we are missing the looks and beauty of the website. So let’s add some fancy and best themes to the website.

So in such a way, to put Header, Logo, Footer, Slide all in the website properly, we need to install a WordPress theme. I have given some top free WordPress Theme lists from where you can select your favorite one. .

  • First of all login to your WordPress Dashboard and select Theme option from Appearance given in Dashboard.
  • Now whatever theme you have to upload from here. Search for that theme with the Add New option.  Then install & activate and upload that theme to your blog.
  • As soon as we activate after uploading the theme. The theme is uploaded on the blog and we can open our website and see the basic design of the theme.
  • If you have downloaded the theme from anywhere in your system then click on upload to upload the theme, then install and activate it. Then visit your website to see the uploaded theme.

Friends, I hope that you have understood “How to make a blog in 2022 ?”  And also how to set up a new blog?  I have provided you all the possible necessary information about it. You can make a blog on any topic, these tips will be very helpful for you. Do share if you like it and leave some positive comments.

Thank You So Much For Being Here!

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