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Google Rank Checker tools allow you to examine your keywords’ position on Google SERP. This is a list along with a list of the most effective Keyword Rank Checker Tools available on the internet for free. Track and monitor your keywords online with 100% accuracy:

Every SEO professional should know how their sites are ranked for the keywords they want to rank for.

They should also keep track of their competitors’ positions.

You can accomplish this by hand, typing in queries in search engines. However, this can take a long time and could be in error. There are a lot of unique tools that can do this for you automatically.

Undoubtedly, SEO is among the essential elements in Digital Marketing. It is an art and science, and an art that takes some time to master, as there is no other way to do it.

If you want to begin your blog or earn income from your online venture, you should learn to increase website traffic and rank well on Google for specific phrases.

Therefore, whether you’re looking to review your website’s content, conduct keyword research, or conduct competitor research, you will require an effective keyword rank-checking tool to complete the task.

Best Keyword Rank Checker Tools

1) Semrush

It is a SaaS platform that offers users visibility management online. It provides more than 50 options tools, add-ons, and tools that cover the entire visibility management range. These include search and content market analysis, research on social networks, and data that spans more than 140 countries. The software also can seamlessly integrate with Google and tasks management platforms.

Key Features:

  • Keyword Research: it provides users with six keyword research software tools.
  • SEO on-page: The On-page SEO tools let you optimize your site’s title tags, Meta descriptions, header tags, and alt text on images. They include an On-Page SEO Audit tool, an On-Page SEO Checker, and a Log File Analyzer.
  • Local SEO The feature will provide you with information on optimizing your site for local searches. Semrush offers four tools to help with this: 1) Listing Management, 2)) Position Tracking, 3) On-Page SEO Checker, and four) The Social Media Toolkit.
  • Rank tracking: The tool for Rank Tracking lets you track your website’s performance in SERPs and discover new opportunities. Three tools are included in this category of features: 1.) Position Tracking, 2)) Sensor, and 3.) Ranks tool.
  • Analyzing SEO Competitors: Semrush provides users with five tools to conduct an Analysis of competitor SEO. They comprise Organic Research, Keyword Gap, Backlink Analytics, Backlink Gap, as well as My Reports.
  • Link Construction: Semrush has five tools for building links. These are the Backlink Analytics, Backlink Audit Tool, Backlink Gap, Bulk Backlink Analysis, and Link Building Tool.

2) SE Ranking

SEO Ranking: The best choice for SEOs, business owners, and digital agencies searching for an all-inclusive SEO solution using a single platform, speedy report creation, monitoring SEO’s progress, and other essential tasks.

Price: 14-Day Free Trial, $31/mo Essential Plan, $71/mo PRO Plan, $151/mo Business Plan. Save 20% on one-year subscriptions.

SE Ranking is a viral SEO platform known for its accurate search engine rank monitoring, in-depth backlink analysis, and thorough audits of websites. It offers a simple user interface and is suitable for complicated keyword and competitor studies of organic and paid searches.

SE Ranking features a user-friendly dashboard, an intuitive report-building tool, a tool to monitor page changes, and multi-user access to the best collaboration!

More than 600k customers and 25k businesses rely on SE Ranking for its outstanding SEO and digital marketing services. SE Ranking is the best tool to address many SEO problems and achieve faster team results.


  • 100 100% exact Keyword Tracker of Rank
  • Google Ads/Maps/SERP offers to monitor.
  • SERPs of Competitors
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics Integration.

3) Moz

Moz can be described as an SEO platform that gives the complete set of tools that can assist companies with a variety of SEO tasks, from keyword research to link building and optimization on the page.

This free tool allows users to examine the Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), and Spam Score of any webpage or website. The developer developed PA and DA metrics that quickly became the industry standard for determining a website’s credibility in search results.

Key Features:

  • MozBar: The MozBar is a free toolbar. After you have installed this browser add-on, the bar will appear on the top or bottom of your browser. Once you have it, you can see the PA, DA Spam Score, and PA of any webpage or website you visit.
  • Link Explorer: The Link Explorer allows you to look through more than 40 trillion links, 7,18 million root domains, and seven trillion pages to find backlinked links, Domain Authority, anchor text, spam score, and many more.
  • Keyword Explorer: With this feature, you’ll be able to find keyword opportunities and estimate the volume of searches from Moz’s index for 500 million words.
  • Compare keywords: Use the competitive Research tool to evaluate the rank of your keywords on your site or pages to your competition.
  • Domain Analyse: With Moz, you can get a summary of some of the top competitive SEO metrics, like Domain Authority, total pages with the highest ranking, keywords that rank, and much more.

4) Serpstat

Serpstat Serpstat is an online SEO platform and a no-cost Keyword rank checking tool. Users can monitor their website’s ranking for specific keywords in more than 100 countries. Serpstat draws its information from a vast database comprising more than 230 Google bases and 9 Yandex bases. This makes it an ideal resource of global SEO research. It also allows to Analysis of competitors and site audits, keyword research, and audit features.

Key Features:

  • Domain Analysis, Keyword research, URL analysis, Backlink analysis Serpstat provides powerful tools to research and analyze aspects of SEO performance for a site that include domain authority, search engine rankings, trending keywords and relevant keywords, backlinks and much more.
  • Rank tracker This feature allows you to track your website’s or content’s performance on search results pages over time. You can monitor your site’s ranking both in the past and in real-time, making it easy to monitor trends in the order of keywords.
  • Analyzing batch data: Serpstat’s batch analysis feature lets you check the positions of thousands of keywords simultaneously. This is a valuable tool for analyzing the keywords of large-scale keyword research projects.
  • Site audit tools on the platform assist users in identifying and resolving SEO problems on websites like broken links and tags that are not present.
  • Keyword trend, Keyword clustering, and Text analysis: Serpstat offers additional tools to give users greater insight into their website’s performance and target market. These tools include clustering keywords, keyword trends, and analysis tools that can help you better understand your site’s visitors’ needs and desires.
  • Reports that you can customize: It comes with the ability to create customized pieces, allowing you to build custom reports in Excel or PDF formats.
  • Lists of tasks: This feature lets you manage and track SEO tasks in one spot. This tool helps keep track of your progress on different tasks.
  • Serpstat API allows access to the data through an API, making it simple to incorporate Serpstat into third-party systems and applications.
  • Value-added tools: It also includes powerful value-added tools, including Search Engines Storm, Indexing inspection, URL submission, Search engine IP, a browser Extension, Serpstat in Google Sheets, Serpstat for Google Data Studio, and Serpstat to R.

5) AccuRanker

It is ideal for large-scale enterprises with cash to spend on keyword tracking.

Price 14 days Free Trial, $49/month to use 500 words, $2499/month to 100,000 words.

AccuRanker is a fantastic tool that lets you keep track of positions for as many as 100,000 keywords. Because of its integration into devices such as Google search console and Google analytics, users can get complete and accurate data on every keyword.

The cherry on top is that AccuRanker lets you evaluate the rankings of your keywords against your most popular competitors. Rankings are regularly updated, so the information that you receive is constantly up to date. AccuRanker doesn’t limit the number of domains users want to track.


  • Daily Rank Checks
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics Integration
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Users
  • User-Friendly Interface

6) Ahrefs

Ideal for All companies and assists in designing a content strategy and gain a clear analysis of backlinks report.

Pricing: No free trial, $7 for a seven-day test, the Basic Plan: $ 99/month, Business Plan: $399, and Agency Plan $999.

Ahrefs has rapidly established its place as a favorite of many SEO business owners and professionals in the right way. It’s the second fastest web crawler, second only to Google, and has one of the top interfaces in rank-checking tools.

Its main functions are Analysis of competitive factors, URL ranking, Keyword research, backlink audits, and more. Like many of its competitors, Ahrefs also offers organic search reports to its customers. It can search across the internet and provide a wealth of information to improve your search engine rank.


  • Content Explorer
  • Ranking History
  • Helps to Generate Numerous Keywords
  • Monitor Outbound Links

7) Authority Labs

Authority Labs is a keyword rank checker tool that lets you monitor your website’s growth in the SERPs daily. It also offers specific reports on your competitor’s SEO performance, such as their ranking for keywords, their backlink profile, and much more.

Some SEO tools don’t display any keywords that are ‘not provided’ which appear within Google Analytics reports. But, in some cases, they could be the most relevant keywords. Authority Labs comes with unique “Now Provided” reports that aid customers in identifying new target opportunities.

Additionally to this, in addition, the local SEO feature also provides ranking data that is specific to your location. This includes city and zip code tablet, mobile, desktop rankings, and GPS data on site.

Key Features:

  • Keyword Tracking Authority Labs tracks your keywords daily in the SERPs. It provides you with comprehensive reports on your progress within the SERPs.
  • Mobile-specific: The tool lets you track your website’s mobile rankings independently of your desktop.
  • Local SEO This feature will provide detailed information about your local rankings on the SERPs.
  • Competitive Analysis This feature lets you track the rankings of your competitors and their progress on the SERPs.

8) Advanced Web Ranking

Ideal for digital Agency SEO and In-House SEO works for rank tracking across different devices.

Price: Trial Period of 30 Days, $ 49/mo – $499/mo.

Advanced rank checking is a powerful rank-checking tool with a variety of beneficial tools. It shows accurate rankings in more than 130 countries and the 22 major search engines. The device is also famous for its ability to track specific orders for a particular location, which are attached to a zip code.

It also lets users assess their rank performance compared to the performance of their competition. It can also track SERP features. The tool is updated daily with rankings to ensure that the information is always up-to-date.


  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration.
  • Daily checks on rank
  • Customer support
  • Comprehensive keyword data

Rank Tracker FAQs

What is a key phrase rank checker?

The keyword rank checking tool, sometimes known as a web rank checker, permits you to keep track of your site’s rank progression for specific terms over time. It’s a Google rank checker and an essential tool for any SEO campaign as it lets you track your progress and spot any issues early. The rank checkers function by crawling through the internet and collecting information about the places your site appears on every keyword.

This information is then examined and presented in a clear format, usually in the form of an equilateral line graph. Numerous free SEO tools can help you check your rank on keywords, and selecting one with extensive features is essential.

Specific rank checking tools that are advanced offer additional features, such as the Analysis of competitors, multilingual support, and the ability to report. These capabilities make them an excellent resource for anyone wanting to enhance their online marketing.

What are the top rank-checking tools?

Ranking information on websites is helpful for web administrators and companies who want to improve the performance of their site or content to get a higher ranking in search results. Some of the most effective free rank checking tools are:

  • Semrush
  • Moz
  • Serpstat
  • AccuRanker
  • Authority Labs

How to Select an SEO Ranking Checker for my Business?

There are some aspects to consider when selecting an SEO ranking checker for your company.

  • The dimensions of your business: If you’ve got an enormous website with many pages and keywords, you’ll require a more robust rank checker tool to manage this volume of information.
  • The budget you have: Both rank checkers are free and for money available. While the free alternatives might be sufficient for small companies, larger enterprises may need to pay for a premium tool.
  • The level at which you have proficiency: If you are new to SEO, you might prefer an SEO rank checker with user-friendly interfaces and helpful documentation, like Moz and SE Ranking.

How To Use Our Keyword Rank Checker?

To utilize the majority of keyword rank checkers above, type in your website’s URL and the keywords you want to monitor in the provided space. The program will then evaluate the position of your website in Google outcomes for every keyword and deliver the results in a simple-to-understand format. Using the data to track your SEO performance and spot any potential problems is possible.

A rank-checking tool can help you obtain the desired results and show the results of your efforts becoming apparent in the form of higher rankings, as well as increased lead generation and sales. You can create content quickly and keep your competition from gaining a foothold.

Most of the tools featured are a free trial, which allows you to test before settling on a tool you like. The agencies selected here were chosen due to an overwhelming number of reviews from users i.e. majority of digital marketing experts.

The ease of use, the price as well as the number of features were taken into consideration for inclusion on this list. The tools that had pros more than their cons were chosen.

If you’re strapped on money and are new to ranking checking, we suggest you test an easy-to-use tool such as Ahrefs and choose its basic plans. We’d offer Semrush and Ahrefs because they provide the complete keyword analysis solution and work with both Google and Bing.


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